December 2015

We ended another year!

Started December with the end of our trip. We went to Panama and Columbia. We also had two days at sea before we came home.

I had been sick with something from October 20th – December 22nd. I was so over being sick by this time. It kept me from singing in the Messiah this year.

Went to Caitlin’s band concert and Isabella’s Christmas program.

Went to Alaina’s birthday party.

Went to the dentist. NO CAVITIES!!

Tutored Hunter and Isabella over Christmas Break.

Andrew and I celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary!

Did get to the gym a couple times this month with Sandra. We’ll have to work at being better at that this year.

Our Christmas started Christmas morning with Dad, Eric, Megan and her kids. Then that afternoon off to Linda’s for Christmas with her, Shannon, Rusty and their girls, Ben, Stephanie, Heather, Ben and their kids. Then Saturday was Christmas with mom and Andy with Eric, Megan and her kids again. Then today we went back to Linda’s to share Christmas with Bryan and his boys with again Shannon, Rusty and their girls, Ben, Stephanie, Heather, Ben and their kids. Been a fun filled family Christmas weekend.

We rang in the new year with just the two of us.

Hoping for a great 2016!!

November 2015

So, I’m a little late with this blog. But that is ok; I was on vacation! 🙂

I watched Hunter and Isabella 2-4 days a weeks after school.

Had a sinus infection just before we left for our cruise. I usually don’t go to the doctor but the cough that I had with it was so bad that I just couldn’t take it any more and had him give me something.

Tried to get tickets to see Mumford and Sons but it was sold out BEFORE it went on sale to the general public. Grrr!!! There has got to be a better way to get tickets then the system we have now!!

Went on a 15 day cruise through the Panama Canal as our 10 year anniversary gift to each other. It was so much fun. You will have to read Andrew’s blog to see what all we did each day.

Now time for Christmas!!

October 2015

Time is moving faster and faster….

General Conference was fabulous!

Babysat and tutored Hunter and Isabella over Fall Break.

Friday of Fall Break I had not only Hunter and Isabella, but also had Caitlin and Alaina. Luckily Andrew was at work while this was going on. Caitlin and Alaina stayed with me for a week while Shannon and Rusty went on a cruise. The girls were really good for me…like always.

Went and visited Kristen. I hadn’t seen her in a really long time. She has been pretty busy with 6 kids.

We came upon the date in Back to the Future II.

The weather has been all over the place this month. Mid 30’s to low 80’s.

Had the Trunk or Treat at church. I was a witch and won the dessert back off!

Only had 11 trick or treaters Halloween night. We hardly ever get more than 20 kids.

Now on to vacation, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!

(I have half my Christmas shopping finished!)

October 2015

It is now officially the last quarter of the year! Holiday Season! Let us take a look back and see what September held for me.

I’ve been watching Hunter and Isabella after school and helping with their homework. Most days are pretty easy…same type of things over and over…mood is the biggest hindrance on how fast it gets done!

Took mom, Eric, Hunter, and Isabella to the airport early in September for them to go on their birthday trip to Disney World!

Very warm and dry September but I was able to walk at the park a lot with my walking buddy.

Hunter turned 9!

September 11th.

The women’s conference was amazing!!

Andrew got his normal sinus infection this month. But it was the first one in over 6 months! His not gone that long without getting sick….ever! His CF appointment went well and things looked so good that the doctor said that Andrew only has to go once a year now!!

Now bring on Halloween!!

August 2015

Another month has come and gone. Time to take a look back and see how August was.

School started and I now watch Hunter and Isabella after school and help them with their homework. It seemed like August was really busy but most of it was watching Hunter and Isabella after school. Not a whole lot to report for this month.

Had work done to my car and because it was going to be a couple of hours I had them take me to The Avenue while I was waiting for it to be finished. Found a new yummy place to eat.

Been able to walk at the park a few times this month. Weather was comfortable around sunset if not darn right perfect.

Isabella came while Hunter went to Cub Scouts and beat me again at The Game of Life.

Now to see what September brings us.

July 2015

Another month over…let us look back at July…

I’ve been tutoring/babysitting Hunter and Isabella all month.

Took Caitlin out for her birthday. I can’t believe she is in middle school now!

Spent the 4th at home watching the fireworks all around the neighborhood.

Andrew’s phone died and we had to get him another one.

Went to the dentist and had 3 cavities filled.

Still walking with Sandra.

Met Andrew’s Uncle Joe and his family.

Celebrated Alli’s birthday!

Not much going on even though it was busy but it was busy with mostly tutoring and babysitting. School starts next week. Won’t have the kids all the time after that.

June 2015

June is over…summer is half over…lets take a look back…

My dad was really tired of being a CDL over the road driver and so he got a new job working at where Andrew works. Dad works in the wear house though…not on the computers. Andrew’s commute is about 15 minutes….Dad’s is 4 minutes!!

My doctor put me on new pain meds that work great but make me really dizzy. So when I have to take them I also have to take a pill for motion sickness. :/

Hunter and Isabella’s tutoring is in full force. They are doing really well. Megan got a job and so I’ve also been babysitting them.

Started making homemade ice cream for Andrew. I really can’t eat it. I’ve really become lactose intolerant over the last couple of years and I’ve had to switch a lot of my milk products to Lactaid. Expensive but worth it.

Been a pretty rainy June…means its been cooler than usual. I’ll take it.

Saw Caitlin preform in a little play she was in after going to a week long drama camp. It was surprisingly cute. We also celebrated Caitlin’s 11th birthday with the Love family. Our gift to her was a girls day of lunch and shopping.

May 2015

Let us take a look back at how May was…

Enjoyed my time with Caitlin and Alaina!

The new music from Mumford and Sons is awesome! Took a couple days to really get into it but I’m liking the new sound!

Keeping up the walking with Sandra.

Hello cliff hangers!!! Ahhh!!!

Memorial Weekend was a busy one with Stake Conference, a funeral, and family get together.

Started tutoring Hunter and Isabella from the summer.

Though I don’t do this often I did get one nap in this month!

My computer and I are fighting. I have a feeling it isn’t going to end well.

April 2015

Let us take a look back at what happened in April…

Andrew had his CF appointment.

Tutored Megan’s kids.

General Conference was great!

Been slowly getting new music from Mumford and Sons. The new album will be released May 4th!!

Worked on the flower bed under the Master bedroom window. Doesn’t look like much now but I’m hoping the flowers will bloom this summer.

Still walking with Sandra.

Was needing to get the Honda fixed but the more we looked into it the more we were realizing that it was going to be more than the car was worth to fix it. It had a bunch of regular work done to it…oil, fluids, tires, but the A/C was going and there was an electrical issue with it. Ended up getting a 2015 Nissan Altima 3.5.

Andrew has made it to his 2 year surgery-versary!

We went to the Caribbean for a vacation. Spent 4 days on St. Maarten and one day each on St. Barts and Aquilla. Andrew’s blog gives the details of the trip.

Came home to do a mountain of laundry.

Now I’m getting ready for have 2 of my nieces for about a week.

March 2015

Another month is over. Lets take a look back and see what happened.

Started my 35th journey around the Sun.

Finally got news of a new album from Mumford and Sons! Can’t wait until May 4th! I love the single, Believe!

I think my iMac is going to die soon. It will be cheaper just to get a new one than to fix the one I’ve got. 🙁

Got some snow.

Still walking with Sandra.

I hate when the time changes!

Had a big, joint birthday lunch with Eric. We had a party of 10 at Olive Garden’s.

The weather is getting nicer…but nicer weather in Tn means stormy weather sometimes. Always have to keeps a weather eye.

Shopped in the Boro with all the gift cards I got for my birthday and some that were left over from Christmas that I hadn’t spent yet.

Found out my new neighbor’s name is Kara! That is just completely weird for me. I didn’t know another Kara until I was in college and there were 5 of us in one class. I didn’t meet another until my neighbor moved it.

Celebrated Ethan’s birthday!

Had my CT scan done to make sure that my heart isn’t starting blockage early…like it does with my family history. It came back with 0% blockage. So, I’m good for another five years.

I also was diagnosed with PCOS. Explains a lot but there isn’t much I can do about it.

Had brunch with friends of mine at a place I’d never been to before. Good food and good company!

Tutored Hunter and Isabella.

Check in next month to see what else is going on.