September 2016

A bit late…but I’ve been busy…

Hunter turned the big one oh! 10!!! Hard to believe!

Andrew’s car had recall work it needed to have taken care of. My car is 5 years older and hasn’t had as many recalls has his has.

Made the mistake of updating my phone to IOS 10. That was a pain. An hour on the phone with Apple and then another hour to get it all in working order again. Can’t complain too much. I’m getting a new phone in October…probably the iPhone 7.

Got new luggage for our trip at the end of the month. Our old luggage was 15 years old and had been Andrew’s mission luggage. It has lived a long full life and been to lots of places. This new luggage better last for how much we paid for it!

We both had physicals and Andrew had his yearly CF checkup. All is good.

Watched the women’s session of General Conference. As usually Uchtdorf was my favorite!!

Left the 30th for Florida. Just overnight until we could hop on the boat on the 1st. You’ll just have to wait until November to see what all we did on our cruise!

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