March 2016

Okay…this year is going by really fast….lets slow it down a bit.

I finished yet another trip around the sun.

Andrew got a new TV and he hung it on the wall in his office.

One day this month while watching my sister kids; Hunter wanted to play catch with the guy who lives at the end of the street. He is about my parent’s age and I was the adult in charge. Neither one of us had the thought that they should play ball in any other place than the front yard until the moment Hunter hit the baseball through the front storm door. That door was about 30 years old and as it was hit it shattered into a billion pieces. Poor Hunter was terrified he was going to get into so much trouble.

Mom came into town and Megan, mom, and I went to eat at the Spaghetti Factory and see the new stage production of The Phantom of the Opera. It was good but different than what we were use to. They also changed the second verse to Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.

When mom got the tickets to the show, we weren’t thinking about how the time would be changing the next day and we would be losing an hour of sleep.

Got about 99% of my spring cleaning finished. Just the windows left to do but it won’t stay nice enough for me to do them. So here I wait for it to warm up enough to get them done.

My brother also made another trip around the sun. Went and had ice cream cake for his birthday which fell on Easter this year. This was the last time his birthday and Easter will happen in his life time.

Tutored Hunter and Isabella over 3 days over Spring Break. They both got a lot of work done and are at a point where they don’t need 100% of my attention so I have one at the kitchen table and the other at the desk in the spare room working at the same time and I go back and forth.

Now to wait until the end of April for my Jamaican vacation!

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