January 2016

The start of another year. Pretty laid back month so it felt like. Lets take a look shall we…

Took the tree down and prepared the house back to it non Christmas mode.

My computer has been slowly dying for the past year. And has been getting steadily worse as time goes by. I just need it to make it until mid February…you can do it computer!!

Church is now from 1-4pm. I’m liking the lazy mornings but the day is gone by the time I get home.

Picked back up walking. My friend and I haven’t missed too many days this month.

I finally talked Andrew’s CF doctors into letting me have a humidifier!

Booked our vacations for this year!! Looking forward to them!


Caribbean Cruise!

Got our first bit of snow this year…4.75 inches at my house. Quite a bit for Tennessee.

Took Andrew to the airport. He went to Southfield Michigan. Yeah for coming home NOT BROKEN!!

We will see how next month goes.

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