October 2015

Time is moving faster and faster….

General Conference was fabulous!

Babysat and tutored Hunter and Isabella over Fall Break.

Friday of Fall Break I had not only Hunter and Isabella, but also had Caitlin and Alaina. Luckily Andrew was at work while this was going on. Caitlin and Alaina stayed with me for a week while Shannon and Rusty went on a cruise. The girls were really good for me…like always.

Went and visited Kristen. I hadn’t seen her in a really long time. She has been pretty busy with 6 kids.

We came upon the date in Back to the Future II.

The weather has been all over the place this month. Mid 30’s to low 80’s.

Had the Trunk or Treat at church. I was a witch and won the dessert back off!

Only had 11 trick or treaters Halloween night. We hardly ever get more than 20 kids.

Now on to vacation, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!

(I have half my Christmas shopping finished!)

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