February 2015

This month was a crazy weather one!

Started the month off watching the Super Bowl.

Still walking with Sandra.

Saved money with the people who pick up our trash and our phone bill.

Been spending time with Isabella while Hunter goes to Cub Scouts. She legitimately kicks my butt at board games. SHE IS ONLY 7!!

Got a new printer. It is a pretty nifty thing. The other one we had had lived a long life and was well used. We ran that printer until it just wasn’t going to print any more.

Watched the funniest Top Gear UK ever. We were laughing until we cried. So funny.

Andrew turned 33! We did exactly what he wanted…nothing. 🙂

Had to deal with rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow….sometimes all in one day!

Andrew had to buy a new monitor. His center one died.

Found out that Lauren Kate is writing a new book that goes with the Fallen series.  It will start where Rapture ended and be told from Cam’s point of view.

Also had a tease from Mumford and Sons…

Here is to hoping for a warm March!!

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