December 2013

And now for the rest of the story…

As you remember we ended November in Paris. Well on the 1st we went to Versailles,

The Louvre,

Put a lock on the bridge to show our undying love for each other,

and walked around Paris.

On the 2nd we went to Sacré-Cœur Basilica,

The Panthéon,

Saint Louis des Invalides which contains the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte,

and the Palais Garnier.

My daddy had a birthday…61!

Drew was home 2 and a half weeks for vacation.

Saw Catching Fire with Shannon!!

Went shopping for new living room and dining room furniture. We actually found something that we like fairly quickly and it is now all in place.

Spent a lot of lazy days at home.

Had lunch with Priscilla.

Spent our 8th anniversary with Drew sick.

Did a lot of baking Christmas Eve for Christmas desserts.

Christmas morning we went to daddys for breakfast and then around 4 we went to Linda’s for Christmas dinner.

Friday we went back to Linda’s for Eli’s birthday party and Christmas with Bryan’s boys!

Saturday was Christmas with mom. She spoiled us with her chicken and dumpling!!

I also had to buy a new deadbolt; mine broke! So crazy!!

Happy New Year every one!!! Hope 2014 is a great one for everyone!!!


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