November 2016

Have an attitude of gratitude!

Had Thanksgiving dinner early in the month with Andrew’s family.

We have a new President…. :/

Renewed my passport. Time to put stamps in it!

Had the stomach bug that was going around.

Lots a migraines this month. The weather hasn’t been playing fair.

Went to dad’s Thanksgiving day for dinner. It was also my baby sister’s 33rd birthday.

Other than normal, everyday life, not much going on here.

September 2016

A bit late…but I’ve been busy…

Hunter turned the big one oh! 10!!! Hard to believe!

Andrew’s car had recall work it needed to have taken care of. My car is 5 years older and hasn’t had as many recalls has his has.

Made the mistake of updating my phone to IOS 10. That was a pain. An hour on the phone with Apple and then another hour to get it all in working order again. Can’t complain too much. I’m getting a new phone in October…probably the iPhone 7.

Got new luggage for our trip at the end of the month. Our old luggage was 15 years old and had been Andrew’s mission luggage. It has lived a long full life and been to lots of places. This new luggage better last for how much we paid for it!

We both had physicals and Andrew had his yearly CF checkup. All is good.

Watched the women’s session of General Conference. As usually Uchtdorf was my favorite!!

Left the 30th for Florida. Just overnight until we could hop on the boat on the 1st. You’ll just have to wait until November to see what all we did on our cruise!

August 2016

Lost Hunter and Isabella to school. Now I only watch them after school every other week.

Watched the Olympics. USA got 46 Gold, 37 Silver, and 38 Bronze medals.

Normal running around most days.

Still walking with Sandra.

One Saturday Andrew and I decided to play games all day. It was a fun day.

Read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

And now this…

July 2016

“Time moves slowly, but passes quickly.” – Alice Walker

Another month of tutoring and babysitting Hunter and Isabella.

Ran different errands  all month.

Took the kids half way to moms.

Walked with Sandra.

Spent lazy weekends with Andrew.

June 2015

“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

No rest for my sister’s kids. Hunter and Isabella are tutored 2-4 days a week all summer. Downside to having an aunt that was a school teacher.

Sadly Capt. Jeff Kuss, U.S. Marine Corps, of Durango, Colorado crashed during the beginning stages of an afternoon practice at the Smyrna, Tennessee, airport. He was doing a practice flight the day before the Great Tennessee Airshow. The Blue Angels fly right over my house and I had let Hunter watch the practice run earlier that day before his tutoring.

Had a good check up at the dentist. Highly recommend Dr. Bratten.

Found out that there was a 5th book to the series The Face on the Milk Carton. Bought it and read it in a day and a half.

Still walking with Sandra. Sometimes we are at the park and sometimes at the gym; depends on the weather.

Busy month this month just a lot of the same thing everyday.

May 2016

“Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.” – Thomas Hardy

Busy on Sunday’s teaching my class of 8-9 year olds.

Kids had no homework the month of my so I didn’t see them much. Eric watched them a lot or they were at their dads.

They did start their tutoring at the end of the month. 30ish days of 71 spent tutoring won’t kill them. And it is only for threeish hours of those days.

Saw the Avett Brothers at Bridgestone with Shannon. So good!

Other than that not much else went on this month other than everyday life.

April 2016

And the world keeps moving…

Watched General Conference the first weekend in April.

Read 4 great books this month. The Scottish Prisoner, All the Light We Cannot See, What Was Mine, and The Boy on the Wooden Box. All great books.

Watching Hunter and Isabella every other week after school.

Got a last minute ticket to see Mumford and Sons!! And like always they didn’t disappoint! They were fantastic and Kayla had AMAZING seats!

Spent a week in Jamaica. Here is a link to Andrew’s blog to read all the details of what we did.

Doesn’t seem like we did a lot this month but there is every day life in-between the big moments. Now on to May and see what it holds in store for us.

March 2016

Okay…this year is going by really fast….lets slow it down a bit.

I finished yet another trip around the sun.

Andrew got a new TV and he hung it on the wall in his office.

One day this month while watching my sister kids; Hunter wanted to play catch with the guy who lives at the end of the street. He is about my parent’s age and I was the adult in charge. Neither one of us had the thought that they should play ball in any other place than the front yard until the moment Hunter hit the baseball through the front storm door. That door was about 30 years old and as it was hit it shattered into a billion pieces. Poor Hunter was terrified he was going to get into so much trouble.

Mom came into town and Megan, mom, and I went to eat at the Spaghetti Factory and see the new stage production of The Phantom of the Opera. It was good but different than what we were use to. They also changed the second verse to Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.

When mom got the tickets to the show, we weren’t thinking about how the time would be changing the next day and we would be losing an hour of sleep.

Got about 99% of my spring cleaning finished. Just the windows left to do but it won’t stay nice enough for me to do them. So here I wait for it to warm up enough to get them done.

My brother also made another trip around the sun. Went and had ice cream cake for his birthday which fell on Easter this year. This was the last time his birthday and Easter will happen in his life time.

Tutored Hunter and Isabella over 3 days over Spring Break. They both got a lot of work done and are at a point where they don’t need 100% of my attention so I have one at the kitchen table and the other at the desk in the spare room working at the same time and I go back and forth.

Now to wait until the end of April for my Jamaican vacation!

February 2016

February has come and gone; let us take a look back and see how it went.

Andrew had a business trip and came home in one piece!

Going to the gym this month was more miss than hit.

Super Bowl Sunday!!

Didn’t watch Hunter and Isabella much this month.

Bunch of snow days!

Andrew completed another trip around the sun. He keeps this up he is going to be as old as me one day. 🙂

Finally got a new computer. My old one just wasn’t doing its job anymore.

Andrew had some recall work done on his car and had the oil changed. He also had them looked at the transmission again. He says that it isn’t fixed. Also when fixing one of the recalls they messed up the back seat and they are ordering us a new one. Still waiting on that phone call.

Leap Day!!!

January 2016

The start of another year. Pretty laid back month so it felt like. Lets take a look shall we…

Took the tree down and prepared the house back to it non Christmas mode.

My computer has been slowly dying for the past year. And has been getting steadily worse as time goes by. I just need it to make it until mid February…you can do it computer!!

Church is now from 1-4pm. I’m liking the lazy mornings but the day is gone by the time I get home.

Picked back up walking. My friend and I haven’t missed too many days this month.

I finally talked Andrew’s CF doctors into letting me have a humidifier!

Booked our vacations for this year!! Looking forward to them!


Caribbean Cruise!

Got our first bit of snow this year…4.75 inches at my house. Quite a bit for Tennessee.

Took Andrew to the airport. He went to Southfield Michigan. Yeah for coming home NOT BROKEN!!

We will see how next month goes.