Montego Bay, Jamaica

A couple days ago, we returned from another trip to the Caribbean. We hadn’t yet visited Jamaica and had accumulated enough miles for flights, so we decided to try out some Sandals resorts in Montego Bay. Sandals has three resorts in Montego Bay: Sandals Carlyle, Sandals Montego Bay, & Sandals Royal Caribbean. The resorts are all-inclusive and a bit pricey, but Sandals Carlyle only costs about 60% as much as the other two while still allowing access to all three. So, we were able to save money by staying at the small resort and spending all of our time at the two big ones. Since the resorts are situated close to the airport, there are low flying aircraft landing or taking off periodically throughout the day, which is cool for an AvGeek. Kara didn’t appreciate the novelty quite as much as I did.

We originally booked the cheapest room category, which was just fine initially. However, on the third night the rain outside started leaking through the wall creating a puddle on the floor. Luckily, nothing of ours got wet, but due to this problem they upgraded us to a better room. The new room had a balcony and a better view than the first room. So, it worked out for us.

We spent most days on the beach under a palapa or in the water, though there were a ton of other things to do. Among other activities, we enjoyed cornhole, shuffleboard, pool, & table tennis. There were also some things that I tried for the first time: sea kayaking (which is pretty much like canoeing), paddle boarding (only fell off once), & a ride on a Hobie Cat (which is a mini-catamaran sailboat). I was thinking about trying water skiing, but after how shaky I was on the paddle board I decided against it. We really enjoyed our time and were able to relax a ton.

Anyway, I’ll add links to the pictures here when they have been uploaded.

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