Magdeburg, Germany

Magdeburg The city of Magdeburg was first mentioned in history around 805, when it was called a place of trade.  The 1200 year old city on the banks of the river Elbe looks back on a rich and ever-changing past. Magdeburg has suffered many destructions, however the city has always blossomed again and today's appearance paints an exciting picture of its colorful past. Art and architecture from all time periods bear witness to the bygone splendor and wealth of the former Imperial city.  Along with its age, Magdeburg claims to have had many famous personalities.  Germany's first emperor, Otto the Great, was born in Magdeburg in 912.  The renowned scientist, Otto von Guericke, was also a citizen of Magdeburg. Guericke held many experiments dealing with air pressure, which he discovered in 1663.  Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was born in Magdeburg and was instrumental in the success of the American Revolution.  Steuben, a Prussian Army officer, trained the Revolutionary Army and was later the Inspecteur General of the American Army.  Magdeburg (population: 257,800, area: 74.51mi2 ) was my eighth and last area on my mission.

Magdeburg Cathedral - See pictures of first gothic cathedral in Germany. City partnership with Nashville - Magdeburg and Nashville, TN  are sister cities.  See pictures relating to that.

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