Glienicke/Nordbahn, Germany

Frohnau The small town of Glienicke/Nordbahn was first mentioned in 1412 as the city called Glyneck.  Glyneck comes from the Slavic word 'Glina', meaning loam.  Glienicke borders Berlin to the north.  The town is small and has been destroyed multiple times throughout its history.  Glienicke bordered the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.  Glienicke (population: 8,957, area: 1.8 mi2) was my fifth area (this area also included parts of Berlin) on my mission.  While I was in this area, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the former concentration camp Sachsenhausen.  My pictures from that experience are stored on a different page.

My pictures of Glienicke can be found in the picture gallery.