Berlin, Germany

Berlin      Berlin, as we know it today, is nothing more than a collection of smaller cities.  In 1244, Berlin was neighbored by Cölln. In 1307, the two cities joined together.  After riots, elector Friedrich II declared the twin towns his residence in 1451.  In 1701, after elector Friedrich III had coronated himself as king Friedrich I of Prussia, Berlin rose to a royal capital and residence town.  In 1806-08, Napoleon's troops occupied the city; after the victory of Leipzig the Quadriga, a part of the Brandenburg Gate, was returned to Berlin in 1814.  In  1871, when the city had become capital of the first German Reich, the city's population passed one million.  The first World War followed in the early part on the twentieth century.  

     After the war, the Weimar Republic was formed.  Economic problems for the country soon followed and Adolf Hitler rallied the country together.  In 1936, the Olympic Games were held in Berlin where Jesse Owens took the gold medal.   Hitler carried out the Holocaust and World War II with Berlin as his capital.  Towards the end of the war, the city was severely destroyed.  Every second apartment was destroyed.  After World War II, the four allies divided Berlin in four parts: the East was administered by the Soviet Union, the Southwest by the USA, the West by Great Britain and the Northwest by France.  

     In August 13, 1961, the Soviets divided a country and a city with the construction of the Berlin Wall.  Communism was thrust upon East Germany.  On November 9, 1989 the wall and the Soviet control of East Germany crumbled.  After the reunification, Berlin became the capital of Germany again.  Berlin is the coolest place I have ever been. With 3,392,935 people and 343.15 mi2, Berlin is a big place.  I had five areas that were in Berlin.  The map below shows where I was.  Click on the colored areas to see pictures from those areas.  The red line on the map denotes the course of the Berlin Wall.        

Map of Berlin

My pictures of the Berlin Wall can be found in the picture gallery.