April 2014

The end of another month. I’m really looking forward to next month! This month though was pretty quiet and this is what I did:

My mom and Aunt Tina were in town for the Cher concert. It was nice being able to spend time with them.

Spent Spring Break tutoring Megan’s kids.

Finally watched Frozen!

I had the windows opened A LOT this month. It is so nice having Spring for a season and not just a week. 😀

Had to buy a new computer desk.

Got lots of walking time in this month. It is so nice to do when the weather is fabulous!!

Had a girls night out with Stephanie and Shannon! So needed that!

Drew and I both got sick with sinus stuff….bad side effect of Spring weather.

Another bad side effect of Spring weather is Tornados. Got lucky and they stayed south of me.

General Conference was, as always, fantastic.

First World problem….trying to plan our trip to Hawaii and finding out that the Big Island is call the Big Island because it is big….had a hard time trying to fit everything in.

Lawn mowed for the first time this year.

Easter was a quiet event.

Got the oil changed on both cars.

Counting down the days until Hawaii!!

March 2014

March is over…Spring is here!!

Had a little party at Dad’s for my birthday.

Snow and ice one day 70* the next….welcome to TN!

Finally getting to walk at the park!

Love getting to have my window open!

Celebrated mine and Eric’s birthdays together with mom.

Lots of doctor appointments this month. Most of them the last two weeks.

Went to PTC with Megan to see how the kids were doing and asked what they needed to work on over the summer.

Got to see my Aunt Tina! It was nice to visit with her. 🙂

February 2014

The shortest month of the year is now over…and what did I do this month?

I watched a really boring Super Bowl.

Really started to work on getting into shape.

Spent Drew’s birthday quietly at home.

Watched the Olympics.

Megan’s kids surprised us and wanted to be tutored on President’s Day. Never say no to kids who want to be taught.

Spent a couple nice days with the window open and taking walks outside. Even got out with Sandra once.

Other than normal everyday things, I didn’t do a whole lot this month.

January 2014

The beginning of another year…what surprises are in store for us?

Spend the first day of the year pretty quiet and lazy. Best way to spend the first day of the new year.

Snowflurries off and on all month but nothing to really talk about.

I did tutor the kids a couple day.

Had to deal with super COLD temps. It wasn’t fun and my electric bill showed…highest electric bill EVER!!

Used some of my gift cards from Christmas to buy new jeans, a shirt, and new pjs. I also got 5 new books!! 🙂

Eric had to have surgery and mom came to help out and then dad took over. I was the driver for the last two weeks getting him back and forth to places. Things seem to be much better now. He even went to mom’s for the weekend. He only missed two weeks of work. His company is very excited to have him back.

We booked another cruise!!! This time we are going to the western Caribbean! We are going with Shannon, Rusty, Ben, and Stephanie. It’s not until October though. I’ll live…because between now and then Andrew and I are going to Hawaii. So excited. Andrew has never been but I’ve been before but that was 16 years ago. I’m excited to go back. See if it is how I remember. 🙂

December 2013

And now for the rest of the story…

As you remember we ended November in Paris. Well on the 1st we went to Versailles,

The Louvre,

Put a lock on the bridge to show our undying love for each other,

and walked around Paris.

On the 2nd we went to Sacré-Cœur Basilica,

The Panthéon,

Saint Louis des Invalides which contains the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte,

and the Palais Garnier.

My daddy had a birthday…61!

Drew was home 2 and a half weeks for vacation.

Saw Catching Fire with Shannon!!

Went shopping for new living room and dining room furniture. We actually found something that we like fairly quickly and it is now all in place.

Spent a lot of lazy days at home.

Had lunch with Priscilla.

Spent our 8th anniversary with Drew sick.

Did a lot of baking Christmas Eve for Christmas desserts.

Christmas morning we went to daddys for breakfast and then around 4 we went to Linda’s for Christmas dinner.

Friday we went back to Linda’s for Eli’s birthday party and Christmas with Bryan’s boys!

Saturday was Christmas with mom. She spoiled us with her chicken and dumpling!!

I also had to buy a new deadbolt; mine broke! So crazy!!

Happy New Year every one!!! Hope 2014 is a great one for everyone!!!

November 2013

November’s blog is a little late but for good reason…as you will see at the end of the blog. 🙂

Ended up having trick or treaters on the 1st because the weather was crazy on Halloween. Only had eight show up though.

I made Andrew go back to work on the 8th. No reason for him not to.

Had to spend some time teaching my dad how to use a smartphone. It went better than expected.

I had Caitlin and Alaina for a week while Shannon and Rusty went on a cruise. It was so fun having the girls. They are so easy to take care of and other than Alaina finding every reason under the sun not to go to bed they were pretty well behaved.

Took the girls to Isabella’s 6th birthday party. They had a lot of fun!

Got the Christmas Tree up and I’m all done shopping!!!

Spent Thanksgiving day traveling to Paris, France!! We got there Black Friday and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The next day we went to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Sainte-Chapelle, and Conciergerie.

To know what else we did you will have to wait until December’s blog. Because those things happened in December not November. 🙂

October 2013

I know that it is only October but I have gotten a lot of Christmas shopping out of the way. Only four more to go!! I like to get it done early so I can relax and enjoy the holidays. 🙂 (No my tree isn’t up…yet!)

Sandra and I had our last day of walking until Spring. 🙁

Drew was FINALLY released from PT!!! So far he has made it past the 16 days from his last release date to getting hurt again. We are hoping that we don’t ever have to go through all that again! Still has to see the surgeon a few more times. I think up to a year after surgery or being released from PT. I can’t remember but we see him next week. Right now we are just working on the PT at home.

We watched General Conference at home.

Tutored Hunter and Isabella over Fall Break!

Went on our cruise and had a WONDERFUL time!! You can see the pictures here. Most of what we did is on Andrew’s blog that can be found here. The worst part about vacation is coming home to do all the wash. How two people can make 5 loads in just one week is crazy!

I’ve been obsessed with the movie Brave for some reason. I just really enjoy it. I should buy it and send my Netflix copy back.

The weather for Halloween is unpredictable so everything is being postponed until November 1st.

November is going to be filled with a couple of exciting things. I get to keep Shannon and Rusty’s girls for a week. Thats right! Be jealous!! And Andrew and I are going to be spending a fabulous weekend in Paris!!

September 2013

So is anyone else freaked out that tomorrow is already October?

Labor Day was a lazy sick day. You gotta love Tennessee in the fall.

I have been able to get out walking with Sandra only a few times but this is a nice time of year to walk. But is getting dark earlier and earlier. Are walking days are about up.

Hunter turned 7!!

Saw Mumford and Sons again on the 9th! It was so awesome. This time it wasn’t just Shannon and I, we went with Rusty, Ben, and Stephanie. We had a lot of fun and got home super late!!

We’ve not been able to make it to any of Alaina’s games and only made it to only two of Caitlin’s. But they were fun. But we did end up going to their Primary program and they both did a fabulous job. So proud to them getting up in front of everyone and saying their part.

The Nissan had to get a new battery. It was also time to register the car too. But because the battery had to be replaced, the computer didn’t have any emissions memory and I had to go back and have the car tested after a week. So annoying!

Andrew had his CF appointment. He is doing well. Andrew has been released from going to PT. He only has to go until the 4th and then just work at his PT at home. On November 12th the surgeon will re evaluate and see if more PT is needed. But I don’t think he will have to go to see a physical therapist any more. He will just have to work on it at home. He has pretty much plateaued  and I don’t think he will be able to get any more range of motion out of that knee.

August 2013

Just FYI I’m half asleep while typing this. I had an amazing weekend and I’m recovering from it (more on that later). So forgive me if there are any typos.

Started the month off finishing my summer tutoring of Hunter and Isabella. They were ready for school and now are in 1st grade and Kindergarten! I miss teaching them though. 🙁

Went to Alli’s party.

I had to start PT on the 2nd but I finished the 23rd. I didn’t hurt myself as much as Andrew did.

Andrew’s PT is about the same…sssslllloooowwwwlllllyyyy coming along.

Watched Alaina a couple time.

Had to get the Honda jump started because it has sat too long because Andrew has been working from home.

Shannon and I went to see Mumford and Sons at the Gentlemen of the Road music festival they put on. This year it was 2 days and we had a blast. We saw 11 bands total with 27,500 of our closest friends. It was hot, it rained a little, and it was fabulous!!

Some pictures from day one.

Some pictures from day two!!

July 2013

Busy, busy, busy…

Andrew had PT three days a week all month long. He also saw the surgeon and he decided that he wasn’t going to do the procedure that they talked about doing last month because  there is a chance of collapsing the femur again!! So it has been PT, PT, PT. He was allowed to not use the brace anymore so that is good. Andrew is just suppose to work really hard with his PT. He is up to 128 degrees (warmed up). He goes next week to see the surgeon again. We will see how much he has improved functionally.

I’ve spent three days a week tutoring my sister kids. They are a smart couple of kids. I’ll only have them three more times before they start school! What am I going to do with myself?!? I’ve spent the last two years teaching Isabella!!

It has been the rainiest, coolest July that I can remember…and I LIKE IT!!

We booked another cruise!!! We are hoping to do this one without an injury!

Got tickets to go see Mumford and Sons in Birmingham Sept 9th!! That is nine days after mine and Shannon’s trip to Ohio to see them!!

Had dinner one night with my friend, Priscilla.

After a fun day of taking the kids bowling for their very first time I had to call my doctor about my wrist. When I was a kid I hurt it doing a cartwheel. I knew bowling would aggravate the injury but bowling is fun. I’ve pretty much reinjured my hand and now I get to start PT on Friday…yeah!! Now we BOTH have PT.

Spent one day with the Hairrs. We went out to eat and made some homemade ice cream. Now Andrew is wanting an ice cream maker.

Meet up with some of Andrew’s cousins for dinner one night.

Andrew found an amazing deal on airline tickets to Paris!!! Thanksgiving weekend will be spent in PARIS!!!!

My dad is selling his car…let me know if you are interested.

Mom stayed the night one night after bringing my sister’s kids back from her place. We just hung out and watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. She had never seen it before!!

Next month doesn’t look to be a busy. I’ll have to start a new normal not having Isabella.