February 2015

This month was a crazy weather one!

Started the month off watching the Super Bowl.

Still walking with Sandra.

Saved money with the people who pick up our trash and our phone bill.

Been spending time with Isabella while Hunter goes to Cub Scouts. She legitimately kicks my butt at board games. SHE IS ONLY 7!!

Got a new printer. It is a pretty nifty thing. The other one we had had lived a long life and was well used. We ran that printer until it just wasn’t going to print any more.

Watched the funniest Top Gear UK ever. We were laughing until we cried. So funny.

Andrew turned 33! We did exactly what he wanted…nothing. πŸ™‚

Had to deal with rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow….sometimes all in one day!

Andrew had to buy a new monitor. His center one died.

Found out that Lauren Kate is writing a new book that goes with the Fallen series.  It will start where Rapture ended and be told from Cam’s point of view.

Also had a tease from Mumford and Sons…

Here is to hoping for a warm March!!

January 2015

Happy New Year!

(cough cough)

Started the year off with the flu and a sinus infection!  The year can only get better right?

Started teaching the 9 year olds turning 10 at church.  It is a small class and we are having fun working on Primary Journals this year. The girls love it!

Reading the New Testament with my Sunday School kids.

Kept walking with Sandra.

Finally read The Fault in Our Stars and The Book Thief.

Still doing the normal everyday life kind of stuff….shopping, cooking, cleaning.

Found the old Oregon Trail game online. Hello 3rd grade Kara!

Not really liking church at 9am…I’m not a morning person.

Andrew ended the month sick with a sinus infection.

Walmart is becoming impossible to check out of…what is the point of having 22 cash registers and only 4 of them opened?

Thought about getting a personal trainer…yikes…lots of $$$! Decided not to do that.

Ended the month by doing our taxes and we had to pay this year.

December 2014

December is over…time to look back and see what happened.

Kept up with walking with Sandra though I did let my at home exercising slip.

Saw the new X Men movie.

Found out MedCo/Express Scripts is stingy…wouldn’t pay for the nasal spray the doctor said I needed…and I wasn’t about to pay $200 for it! What is the point of paying for insurance if you they won’t pay for medicine?

Went to Alaina’s birthday party and took her out for lunch and to get her a present.

Sang the Messiah. Was fighting a migraine the whole time.

Got the oil changed in the Nissan and put new tires on it.

Had THREE Christmases to attend. One with mom…one with dad….and one with Linda.

Tutored Hunter and Isabella.

Celebrated 9 years with Andrew.

Went one night with no power because someone ran into a pole.

Here is to the year that is coming to a close and hoping for a great year to come!!

November 2014

Another month has come and gone…and there is only 24 days until Christmas!!

Andrew spent three weeks in Indianapolis for work. He came home only on the weekends.

I was assigned the Valent 10’s at church…the kids who will turn 11 during the calendar year.

Didn’t do so great this month with the gym…only made it about once a week.

Got all my Christmas shopping done!!

Choir practice is in full swing for the December concerts.

Migraines SUCK!!

Taught Isabella how to play The Game of Life….she kicked my butt!

Being sick with a head cold sucks!!!

Isabella turned 7!!!

Thanksgiving was spent at Mom and Andy’s. We had a nice time. We taught them how to play Apples to Apples.

Got the new Christmas tree up and all the gifts under the tree!

Now Andrew is sick.

Hoping for a healthier December! Merry Christmas!

October 2014

The end of another month…

Andrew had his biannual CF check up. We were there fffffooooorrrreeeevvvveeeerrrrr!

Watched General Conference.


Went on another cruise. This time we went with Stephanie, Ben, Rusty and Shannon. We had a great time.

First day was at sea.

Cozumel’s Passion Island.

Rainy Snorkel day in Belize.

Zip and Dip Roatan, Honduras.

Beach day on Cayman Island.

Ended the trip with another sea day.

After we got back from fun in the sun, it was almost a week before we saw the sun again.

Had lots of lazy Saturdays.

Still exercising at Golds Gym.

Watched Hunter and Isabella.

Voted early.


I’m not back in the primary but won’t be assigned a class until after the primary program.

October is over…and now it is time to remember the things we are thankful for.

September 2014

Is anyone else freaked out that tomorrow is October!?!

So this month I took Hunter out to eat for his birthday. He got to pick where we ate and he chose Waffle House. Then I took him to Walmart to pick out his gift. He was told how much money he could spend and really thought through what to get.

Smacked my head with the attic ladder…that wasn’t cool. Really need something like this:

Got a new Christmas tree. Andrew wont let me put it up until after Thanksgiving.

Joined Golds Gym. Now Sandra and I can walk year round.

Had to buy a new electric blanket. But I had to wait until today to do it. They weren’t in season and were hard to find and when I did find them they were double what they are in winter but I’m liking the softness of my new one.

Actually took a nap one day this month. That was nice.

LOVED the General Women’s Conference this month.

August 2014

Summer is almost over!

Finished up tutoring the kids for the summer. They started school; 1st and 2nd grades!

Started really working out again. Even joined the new gym in town…now I can keep up walking in the winter.

Eric crossed over to the darkside and got a smartphone.

Weather has been really nice this summer. Even got some reading done outside.

Had a girls night with Shannon and Stephanie. Went to dinner and a movie.

Had a Love family gathering at Linda’s and played games and talked.

July 2014

This summer’s weather has be awesome!!

Still tutored the Megan’s kids three days a week. What am I going to do with those three hours now?

Spent a quiet 4th (well as quiet as the 4th can be) at home with Andrew.

Taught in Relief Society for the first time. I think I did ok with that.

Still trying to get in some walking when Sandra and I can in the afternoons.

Had a fight with Comcast…I think it ended as a draw.

Spent a good portion of the month fibbing to mom and planning her “surprise” party. She knew that her friends around here were coming, we just didn’t tell her that her sisters was coming. πŸ˜€

Celebrated my stepmom’s birthdays too.

Made some changes with some of Andrew’s meds after talking with his ENT doctor.

Been able to squeeze in some outside reading time! Working a bit on a tan so I’m not so ghostly white on my cruise!

TVA cut the power to most of the town of Smyrna for about 30 minutes.

Booked our cruise excursions!!!

Next month I’m going to have to really get back into my exercise routine so I’m cruise ready!

June 2014

Halfway to Christmas!

I’ve been spending 3 days a week tutoring Hunter and Isabella. Hunter loves math and hates reading whereas Isabella loves reading and hates math.

Went to the dentist. They should have cavity free walls for grown ups. πŸ˜€

Watched the Great American Air Show from my house. Could really only see the Blue Angels. But that is ok! They are the best part of the show. They flew around for 4 days.

Went to church with Ben and Stephanie and got to watch as Ben was ordained a High Priest and become the 1st counselor in the Bishopric. Pretty neat to see. Cute couple too! πŸ™‚

I love the Thermacare Heat Wraps! They are the best things ever!! Couldn’t find them anywhere close by. I ended up having to order them off the internet. Come on people how can you not like these things?!

Had to give a talk in church this month. Usually it doesn’t bother me; but I was told I was promoted to last speaker 5 minutes before church started. NOT COOL!

Walking has been sporadic this month. I did really well the first week Sandra was on vacation but then it rained the whole next week or it was so hot that walking to the mailbox was dangerous.

Dad gave us all a scare when his blood pressure went up to 170/120!! He is also now diabetic. Hope he can get things back under control so he can still work.

Celebrated Shannon’s 40th birthday a little early and celebrating Caitlin’s 10th birthday tonight!

May 2014

Summer time….

I spent a lot of time walking with Sandra.

Work out is going well.

On the 7th we went to Hawaii!! We spent most of the day in the air and then straight to the hotel.

Day one in Hawaii: Hiked up Diamond Head, walked around Valley of the Temple and Iolani Palace, and then some much needed beach time!!

Day two in Hawaii: We went to Pearl Harbor, while Drew was being crazy in a helicopter I went shopping, and then we went to Hanauma Bay.

Day three in Hawaii: Had breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe, walked around Leia Temple, and then beach time at Banzai Pipeline, and then drove back to the beach by the hotel.

Day four in Hawaii: We left Oahu and went to the Big Island. We went to Waipio Valley Lookout, beach time at Hapuna Beach, and then to a luau.

Day five in Hawaii: Andrew went crazy again and got on another helicopter…I shopped, then we went to Rainbow Falls. Then we went to Volcano National Park and then to Mauna Kea.

Day five in Hawaii: We went to South Point, then to a black sand beach, and saw the Kona Temple before Drew made me come home. πŸ™

Drew was released from his Orthopedic doctor on the 19th. We are hoping he can go longer than he did last time without getting hurt. That was a grand total of 16 days. Who thinks he can make it to June 5th without getting hurt?!?

Went to Ben and Stephanie’s for Memorial Day. Shannon, Rusty, Caitlin, and Alaina were there. He had a lot of fun eating too much yummy food.

Watched Hunter and Isabella one day and started torturing them for the summer. Went to Isabella’s Kindergarten graduation! Hunter and Isabella were promoted to the next grade.