June 2015

“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

No rest for my sister’s kids. Hunter and Isabella are tutored 2-4 days a week all summer. Downside to having an aunt that was a school teacher.

Sadly Capt. Jeff Kuss, U.S. Marine Corps, of Durango, Colorado crashed during the beginning stages of an afternoon practice at the Smyrna, Tennessee, airport. He was doing a practice flight the day before the Great Tennessee Airshow. The Blue Angels fly right over my house and I had let Hunter watch the practice run earlier that day before his tutoring.

Had a good check up at the dentist. Highly recommend Dr. Bratten.


Found out that there was a 5th book to the series The Face on the Milk Carton. Bought it and read it in a day and a half.

Still walking with Sandra. Sometimes we are at the park and sometimes at the gym; depends on the weather.

Busy month this month just a lot of the same thing everyday.

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