December 2015

We ended another year!

Started December with the end of our trip. We went to Panama and Columbia. We also had two days at sea before we came home.

I had been sick with something from October 20th – December 22nd. I was so over being sick by this time. It kept me from singing in the Messiah this year.

Went to Caitlin’s band concert and Isabella’s Christmas program.

Went to Alaina’s birthday party.

Went to the dentist. NO CAVITIES!!

Tutored Hunter and Isabella over Christmas Break.

Andrew and I celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary!

Did get to the gym a couple times this month with Sandra. We’ll have to work at being better at that this year.

Our Christmas started Christmas morning with Dad, Eric, Megan and her kids. Then that afternoon off to Linda’s for Christmas with her, Shannon, Rusty and their girls, Ben, Stephanie, Heather, Ben and their kids. Then Saturday was Christmas with mom and Andy with Eric, Megan and her kids again. Then today we went back to Linda’s to share Christmas with Bryan and his boys with again Shannon, Rusty and their girls, Ben, Stephanie, Heather, Ben and their kids. Been a fun filled family Christmas weekend.

We rang in the new year with just the two of us.

Hoping for a great 2016!!

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