October 2015

It is now officially the last quarter of the year! Holiday Season! Let us take a look back and see what September held for me.

I’ve been watching Hunter and Isabella after school and helping with their homework. Most days are pretty easy…same type of things over and over…mood is the biggest hindrance on how fast it gets done!

Took mom, Eric, Hunter, and Isabella to the airport early in September for them to go on their birthday trip to Disney World!

Very warm and dry September but I was able to walk at the park a lot with my walking buddy.

Hunter turned 9!

September 11th.

The women’s conference was amazing!!

Andrew got his normal sinus infection this month. But it was the first one in over 6 months! His not gone that long without getting sick….ever! His CF appointment went well and things looked so good that the doctor said that Andrew only has to go once a year now!!

Now bring on Halloween!!

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