June 2015

June is over…summer is half over…lets take a look back…

My dad was really tired of being a CDL over the road driver and so he got a new job working at where Andrew works. Dad works in the wear house though…not on the computers. Andrew’s commute is about 15 minutes….Dad’s is 4 minutes!!

My doctor put me on new pain meds that work great but make me really dizzy. So when I have to take them I also have to take a pill for motion sickness. :/

Hunter and Isabella’s tutoring is in full force. They are doing really well. Megan got a job and so I’ve also been babysitting them.

Started making homemade ice cream for Andrew. I really can’t eat it. I’ve really become lactose intolerant over the last couple of years and I’ve had to switch a lot of my milk products to Lactaid. Expensive but worth it.

Been a pretty rainy June…means its been cooler than usual. I’ll take it.

Saw Caitlin preform in a little play she was in after going to a week long drama camp. It was surprisingly cute. We also celebrated Caitlin’s 11th birthday with the Love family. Our gift to her was a girls day of lunch and shopping.

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