January 2015

Happy New Year!

(cough cough)

Started the year off with the flu and a sinus infection!  The year can only get better right?

Started teaching the 9 year olds turning 10 at church.  It is a small class and we are having fun working on Primary Journals this year. The girls love it!

Reading the New Testament with my Sunday School kids.

Kept walking with Sandra.

Finally read The Fault in Our Stars and The Book Thief.

Still doing the normal everyday life kind of stuff….shopping, cooking, cleaning.

Found the old Oregon Trail game online. Hello 3rd grade Kara!

Not really liking church at 9am…I’m not a morning person.

Andrew ended the month sick with a sinus infection.

Walmart is becoming impossible to check out of…what is the point of having 22 cash registers and only 4 of them opened?

Thought about getting a personal trainer…yikes…lots of $$$! Decided not to do that.

Ended the month by doing our taxes and we had to pay this year.

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