December 2014

December is over…time to look back and see what happened.

Kept up with walking with Sandra though I did let my at home exercising slip.

Saw the new X Men movie.

Found out MedCo/Express Scripts is stingy…wouldn’t pay for the nasal spray the doctor said I needed…and I wasn’t about to pay $200 for it! What is the point of paying for insurance if you they won’t pay for medicine?

Went to Alaina’s birthday party and took her out for lunch and to get her a present.

Sang the Messiah. Was fighting a migraine the whole time.

Got the oil changed in the Nissan and put new tires on it.

Had THREE Christmases to attend. One with mom…one with dad….and one with Linda.

Tutored Hunter and Isabella.

Celebrated 9 years with Andrew.

Went one night with no power because someone ran into a pole.

Here is to the year that is coming to a close and hoping for a great year to come!!

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