October 2014

The end of another month…

Andrew had his biannual CF check up. We were there fffffooooorrrreeeevvvveeeerrrrr!

Watched General Conference.


Went on another cruise. This time we went with Stephanie, Ben, Rusty and Shannon. We had a great time.

First day was at sea.

Cozumel’s Passion Island.

Rainy Snorkel day in Belize.

Zip and Dip Roatan, Honduras.

Beach day on Cayman Island.

Ended the trip with another sea day.

After we got back from fun in the sun, it was almost a week before we saw the sun again.

Had lots of lazy Saturdays.

Still exercising at Golds Gym.

Watched Hunter and Isabella.

Voted early.


I’m not back in the primary but won’t be assigned a class until after the primary program.

October is over…and now it is time to remember the things we are thankful for.

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