September 2014

Is anyone else freaked out that tomorrow is October!?!

So this month I took Hunter out to eat for his birthday. He got to pick where we ate and he chose Waffle House. Then I took him to Walmart to pick out his gift. He was told how much money he could spend and really thought through what to get.

Smacked my head with the attic ladder…that wasn’t cool. Really need something like this:

Got a new Christmas tree. Andrew wont let me put it up until after Thanksgiving.

Joined Golds Gym. Now Sandra and I can walk year round.

Had to buy a new electric blanket. But I had to wait until today to do it. They weren’t in season and were hard to find and when I did find them they were double what they are in winter but I’m liking the softness of my new one.

Actually took a nap one day this month. That was nice.

LOVED the General Women’s Conference this month.

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