July 2014

This summer’s weather has be awesome!!

Still tutored the Megan’s kids three days a week. What am I going to do with those three hours now?

Spent a quiet 4th (well as quiet as the 4th can be) at home with Andrew.

Taught in Relief Society for the first time. I think I did ok with that.

Still trying to get in some walking when Sandra and I can in the afternoons.

Had a fight with Comcast…I think it ended as a draw.

Spent a good portion of the month fibbing to mom and planning her “surprise” party. She knew that her friends around here were coming, we just didn’t tell her that her sisters was coming. 😀

Celebrated my stepmom’s birthdays too.

Made some changes with some of Andrew’s meds after talking with his ENT doctor.

Been able to squeeze in some outside reading time! Working a bit on a tan so I’m not so ghostly white on my cruise!

TVA cut the power to most of the town of Smyrna for about 30 minutes.

Booked our cruise excursions!!!

Next month I’m going to have to really get back into my exercise routine so I’m cruise ready!

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