May 2014

Summer time….

I spent a lot of time walking with Sandra.

Work out is going well.

On the 7th we went to Hawaii!! We spent most of the day in the air and then straight to the hotel.

Day one in Hawaii: Hiked up Diamond Head, walked around Valley of the Temple and Iolani Palace, and then some much needed beach time!!

Day two in Hawaii: We went to Pearl Harbor, while Drew was being crazy in a helicopter I went shopping, and then we went to Hanauma Bay.

Day three in Hawaii: Had breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe, walked around Leia Temple, and then beach time at Banzai Pipeline, and then drove back to the beach by the hotel.

Day four in Hawaii: We left Oahu and went to the Big Island. We went to Waipio Valley Lookout, beach time at Hapuna Beach, and then to a luau.

Day five in Hawaii: Andrew went crazy again and got on another helicopter…I shopped, then we went to Rainbow Falls. Then we went to Volcano National Park and then to Mauna Kea.

Day five in Hawaii: We went to South Point, then to a black sand beach, and saw the Kona Temple before Drew made me come home. 🙁

Drew was released from his Orthopedic doctor on the 19th. We are hoping he can go longer than he did last time without getting hurt. That was a grand total of 16 days. Who thinks he can make it to June 5th without getting hurt?!?

Went to Ben and Stephanie’s for Memorial Day. Shannon, Rusty, Caitlin, and Alaina were there. He had a lot of fun eating too much yummy food.

Watched Hunter and Isabella one day and started torturing them for the summer. Went to Isabella’s Kindergarten graduation! Hunter and Isabella were promoted to the next grade.

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