June 2014

Halfway to Christmas!

I’ve been spending 3 days a week tutoring Hunter and Isabella. Hunter loves math and hates reading whereas Isabella loves reading and hates math.

Went to the dentist. They should have cavity free walls for grown ups. 😀

Watched the Great American Air Show from my house. Could really only see the Blue Angels. But that is ok! They are the best part of the show. They flew around for 4 days.

Went to church with Ben and Stephanie and got to watch as Ben was ordained a High Priest and become the 1st counselor in the Bishopric. Pretty neat to see. Cute couple too! 🙂

I love the Thermacare Heat Wraps! They are the best things ever!! Couldn’t find them anywhere close by. I ended up having to order them off the internet. Come on people how can you not like these things?!

Had to give a talk in church this month. Usually it doesn’t bother me; but I was told I was promoted to last speaker 5 minutes before church started. NOT COOL!

Walking has been sporadic this month. I did really well the first week Sandra was on vacation but then it rained the whole next week or it was so hot that walking to the mailbox was dangerous.

Dad gave us all a scare when his blood pressure went up to 170/120!! He is also now diabetic. Hope he can get things back under control so he can still work.

Celebrated Shannon’s 40th birthday a little early and celebrating Caitlin’s 10th birthday tonight!

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