January 2014

The beginning of another year…what surprises are in store for us?

Spend the first day of the year pretty quiet and lazy. Best way to spend the first day of the new year.

Snowflurries off and on all month but nothing to really talk about.

I did tutor the kids a couple day.

Had to deal with super COLD temps. It wasn’t fun and my electric bill showed…highest electric bill EVER!!

Used some of my gift cards from Christmas to buy new jeans, a shirt, and new pjs. I also got 5 new books!! 🙂

Eric had to have surgery and mom came to help out and then dad took over. I was the driver for the last two weeks getting him back and forth to places. Things seem to be much better now. He even went to mom’s for the weekend. He only missed two weeks of work. His company is very excited to have him back.

We booked another cruise!!! This time we are going to the western Caribbean! We are going with Shannon, Rusty, Ben, and Stephanie. It’s not until October though. I’ll live…because between now and then Andrew and I are going to Hawaii. So excited. Andrew has never been but I’ve been before but that was 16 years ago. I’m excited to go back. See if it is how I remember. 🙂

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