October 2013

I know that it is only October but I have gotten a lot of Christmas shopping out of the way. Only four more to go!! I like to get it done early so I can relax and enjoy the holidays. 🙂 (No my tree isn’t up…yet!)

Sandra and I had our last day of walking until Spring. 🙁

Drew was FINALLY released from PT!!! So far he has made it past the 16 days from his last release date to getting hurt again. We are hoping that we don’t ever have to go through all that again! Still has to see the surgeon a few more times. I think up to a year after surgery or being released from PT. I can’t remember but we see him next week. Right now we are just working on the PT at home.

We watched General Conference at home.

Tutored Hunter and Isabella over Fall Break!

Went on our cruise and had a WONDERFUL time!! You can see the pictures here. Most of what we did is on Andrew’s blog that can be found here. The worst part about vacation is coming home to do all the wash. How two people can make 5 loads in just one week is crazy!

I’ve been obsessed with the movie Brave for some reason. I just really enjoy it. I should buy it and send my Netflix copy back.

The weather for Halloween is unpredictable so everything is being postponed until November 1st.

November is going to be filled with a couple of exciting things. I get to keep Shannon and Rusty’s girls for a week. Thats right! Be jealous!! And Andrew and I are going to be spending a fabulous weekend in Paris!!

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