Trip to St. Maarten, Anguilla, & St. Barths

We just returned from another trip to the Caribbean, but this time instead of a cruise we flew down there. We had enough miles saved up to pay for the flights to St. Maarten with miles and we found a resort that was priced as low as a Holiday Inn Express type hotel in the US. So, we got a pretty good deal to visit St. Maarten for a week. While we were there we took a few of those days to visit nearby Anguilla and St. Barths. The last time we visited St. Maarten I was on crutches, so it was nice to enjoy the visit this time around.

  • 4/21 – Travel to St. Maarten: We flew from Nashville to St. Maarten via Atlanta. Having watched airliners land from Maho Beach, it was cool to watch the approach from inside one of those airliners. After picking up our rental car, we made our way to the resort and spent the evening on the beach at the resort watching the sun set.
  • 4/22 – St. Maarten: In the morning, we visited Marigot on the French side of the island. We went to the top of Fort Louis for some great views, after which we explored Marigot. We then went to Maho Beach. After lunch at the beach bar, we spent a couple hours at the beach watching planes land and take off. After that, we spent the rest of the day at Red Bay Beach (Baie Rouge).
  • 4/23 – Anguilla: To get to Anguilla, we took a ferry from Marigot to Blowing Point, Anguilla. We rented a car to get around for the day. Since Anguilla is a British overseas territory, they drive on the left side of the road. So, I had my first experience doing that. The island only has around 13,500 people so there wasn’t a ton of traffic, making it fairly easy to get the hang of it. Although, it is really weird going around a roundabout the opposite way. Our first stop on Anguilla was a resort on Rendezvous Bay. The beach is absolutely spectacular and we had the resort’s part of the beach all to ourselves for the first hour. After eating lunch at the resort’s restaurant, we went to Shoal Bay. It was nice, but had too much vegetation in the water for our liking. So we went to Mead’s Bay, which was much nicer and had fewer people. We spent some time there before returning the rental car and taking the ferry back to St. Maarten.
  • 4/24 – St. Maarten: With all of the sun we got in the two previous days, we decided to change our original plans and avoid beaches this day to give our sun burns a break. Staying on the Dutch side, we went first to Fort Amsterdam which overlooks Philipsburg. After the fort, we went and explored around Philipsburg, browsing the shops and walking around the boardwalk. We had lunch in Philipsburg and then went to Pic Paradis, which is the highest point on the island.
  • 4/25 – St. Barths: To get to St. Barths we took a ferry from Philipsburg to Gustavia. After picking up our rental car, we went to Fort Gustav & Fort Karl which had some great views of the harbor. Then we drove to the south of the island to visit some beaches. First, we visited Grand Saline Beach, which was nice. After that, we went to Gouverneur Beach, which was also nice. For lunch, we went to a restaurant near St. Jean. Then, we returned to Gustavia to explore and do some shopping. Lastly, before returning the car and taking the ferry back, we went to St. Barths airport to watch the abnormal aircraft approaches.
  • 4/26 – St. Maarten: On our last full day, we had a lazy morning before going to Orient Bay. We ate lunch there and then drove to the western coast to visit Happy Bay. To get there, you have to drive to Friar’s Bay and then hike about 10-15 minutes to Happy Bay. Strangely, Friar’s Bay smelled like a sewage plant, which begs the question: Why were people on the beach there with that smell? Anyway, the smell went away after we walked to Happy Bay, which was a great beach.
  • 4/27 – St. Maarten & Return Home: We spent the morning around the resort before packing up and checking out of the resort. We returned the car and then went to the airport to fly back home.

We had a great vacation. We visited two new Caribbean islands along with exploring one we had been to before. Our passports received 6 stamps on this trip, which was pretty cool. I’ve posted the pictures to my Flickr in the collection titled St. Maarten | Anguilla | St. Barths 2015, which contains the following albums:

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