2014 Caribbean Cruise

Kara and I recently returned from our third cruise. Our first two cruises were in the eastern and northern Caribbean, respectively. Earlier in the year, someone mentioned the idea of going on a cruise together, so we went with Shannon, Rusty, Ben, & Stephanie. The cruise we all chose was in the western Caribbean. It was different from our prior cruises since we went with other people we know. But that meant that we had an even better time. Here is how it went.

  • 10/05 – Travel to Miami and begin cruise: Everyone else arrived in Miami the night before. This was the first time that we flew in on the same day of cruise departure and it worked out just fine. We all arrived at the cruise terminal and boarded the ship. We had lunch and then explored the ship until our rooms were ready and bags arrived.
  • 10/06 – Day at sea: Kara and I slept in late because the previous day was an early travel day for us. After breakfast, we played some trivia games. Later, Rusty, Ben, & I went to the sports bar where they had an xbox. That night was the first formal dining evening of the cruise, at which we enjoyed lobster and shrimp. Afterward, we played some games around the ship. I especially enjoyed playing cornhole. While we were playing, a strange thing happened: a bird randomly fell out of the air dead near where we were playing. The bird was shuffle-boarded out of the way and then our game resumed.
  • 10/07 – Cozumel, Mexico: The excursion we originally booked for Cozumel involved taking a catamaran to an island beach resort. There was some kind of overbooking issue that caused us to be re-booked for no extra cost to the same excursion with a twister jet boat. It went faster than the catamaran and also did some fun high-speed twisting turns that got everyone wet. After that it took us to Passion Island, where we had a great time. The island is almost completely sand covered. There couldn’t have been more than 35 people on the excursion where there are frequently hundreds of people on the island, so it felt we had the island to ourselves. We swam, played on a water trampoline, ate lunch, and then rested in some covered hammocks. On our way back to the ship we did some more twisting turns on the twister boat.
  • 10/08 – Belize City, Belize: In Belize, there is no dock for the ship so you have to tender to the port, which was a first for Kara and I. After we got to the port, we explored and shopped at the port until our excursion. We took a boat to Goff’s Caye, which is located on the Belize Barrier Reef (the second largest coral reef system after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef). After a little time on the island, we then boarded the boat again for a guided snorkeling tour nearby. We saw lots of fish and coral reef. In fact, we saw a Lionfish like the one that was in dad’s fish tank. Not bad for my first time snorkeling.
  • 10/09 – Roatan, Honduras: On Roatan, we decided to a zipline and beach tour. The zipline part was pretty fun. While I had done a zipline before, it was the first time while on vacation. It was Kara’s first time. There were 12 zipline segments of varying lengths and heights. After the zipline, we toured a nearby mini-zoo with monkeys, macaws, toucans, and other animals. Then, we went to a beach resort at West Bay Beach to enjoy the rest of our day.
  • 10/10 – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: Grand Cayman is another port you have to tender to. After tendering to the port, we took a taxi to a resort on Seven Mile Beach. Almost immediately when we got in the water we noticed a fairly large school of fish swimming very close to the beach. We swam with the fish and also did some more reef snorkeling. We ate lunch and then swam in the nearby pool before returning to the port and then the ship.
  • 10/11 – Day at sea: We slept in and had a late breakfast and then spent the morning in the pool and going down the water slide as well as playing some mini-golf. After lunch, Rusty, Ben, and I spent the afternoon in the sports bar watching college football.
  • 10/12 – End cruise in Miami: We returned to Miami, where we debarked the ship and flew back home.

We had an outstanding cruise. Both Kara and I did some new things and enjoyed it. I’ve posted the pictures to my Flickr in the collection titled 2014 Caribbean Cruise, which contains the following albums:

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