I am making slow progress after my reconstructive knee surgery in April. I was recently cleared to start putting weight on my knee and I have progressed to be able to walk with a cane. More importantly, we were allowed by the doctor to send back the CPM machine that was monopolizing my time (six hours per day every day). This provided some extra time to do something I had been wanting to do for a little while.

Previously, our pictures on the web site had been in a gallery hosted on our web server. I liked that it was hosted on our own server, but there were aspects of the gallery application that I didn’t like. Last month, Flickr updated its look and feel and raised the storage limit for free accounts to 1 terabyte. I had previously considered Flickr, but decided against it since the storage for free accounts used to be very small. So, since I had some more free time and since Flickr now allows a lot more storage, I decided to move all of our online picture storage over to Flickr. I completed the move and all of the picture gallery links on my blog and our website now point to my Flickr photostream. I am pleased with the change. I also uploaded some pictures from recent travels that had not previously been in the old gallery. Have a look.

  • Natchez Trace Parkway: In June 2011, Kara and I took a day-trip down part of the Natchez Trace Parkway starting with breakfast at the Loveless Cafe.
  • Labor Day 2012 Braves Games: These are the pictures of the Braves games I went to that I mentioned in my previous blog post.
  • Manchester, UK: I had a couple two-week trips to Manchester, UK for work (September 2012 and January/February 2013).
  • Liverpool, UK: While in Manchester in September 2012, we all went to Liverpool for a little sightseeing and dinner one evening.
  • London, UK 2013: While in Manchester in February 2013, I made a weekend trip down to London to see some things I missed the first time I visited in 2009.
  • Chester, UK: While in Manchester in February 2013, we all made a weekend sightseeing trip to the town of Chester near the border of England and Wales.

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