Kara and I just returned from vacation today after having spent some time in Washington, D.C. and Clarksburg, West Virginia. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed being away for a while. Here’s a summary of where all we went:

10/15: In the evening, we drove out to Kara’s mother’s house.

10/16: We spent the entire day driving from Kara’s mother’s house to D.C.

10/17: We visited Arlington National Cemetery, Old Post Office tower, Lafayette Square Park, White House (didn’t tour inside), WWII Memorial, Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. That works out to about 8 miles of walking.

10/18: We went up in the Washington Monument, to the National Holocaust Museum, National Archives, and the National Air & Space Museum. In the National Archives we saw the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, and Emancipation Proclamation. Also, we were lucky enough to be there for the last day that they were displaying the Nuremberg Laws.

10/19: We toured the Capitol Building, Library of Congress, and Supreme Court building. Lastly, we went to the Museum of American History, where we saw the original Star-Spangled Banner that flew over Baltimore which inspired Francis Scott Key to write the words to our national anthem.

10/20: We drove from D.C. to Clarksburg. On the way, we made a small detour in order to visit Gettysburg and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

10/21: We spent the day in Clarksburg visiting a genealogy library where Kara tried to make some progress on one of her family lines. After that, we drove around some of the areas where her ancestors might have lived.

10/22: We went to Cumberland, Maryland to ride a steam locomotive train through the Allegheny mountains. After that we explored Cumberland for a while.

10/23: We spent the day driving from Clarksburg back to Kara’s mom’s house.

10/24: And finally, we made the short drive back from Kara’s mother’s house.

According to our car’s trip computer, we drove a total of 1,980.8 miles lasting 37 hours and 31 minutes (including non-moving time). Not surprisingly, the GPS showed different figures: a total of 2,012.5 miles lasting 37 hours and 22 minutes, of which 33 hours and 34 minutes were actually in motion (which means that 3 hours and 48 minutes were spent going nowhere). Included below is a map of our trip. Eventually, the pictures will be uploaded to the gallery.

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