DeSean Jackson is a bonehead. In fact, he is the bonehead’s bonehead. Check this out; I picked up DeSean Jackson for my fantasy team as I was very week at wide receiver (and pretty much everywhere else). He was playing last night and I needed some points. So he catches a 61 yard pass from McNabb going into the end zone. What happened next must be watched to be believed (see the first clip). That was 6 points he threw right out the window for me. Want to guess what the final score was in my game this week; yeah, I lost 76 to 80. I could have used those points you idiot. Well it looks like he has done this kind of thing before (see the second clip); what a moron. At least I am not the only one vexed by this jerk.

Monday Night Football
2005 U.S. Army All-American bowl


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